About Our Ride Life’s Enthusiast’s Car Listings

Our Ride Life’s Enthusiast’s Car Listings started when David Hurth tried to sell his 996 generation Porsche 911. The car wasn’t good enough for Bring a Trailer. It was accepted to Cars and Bids, but they tried to talk David into selling it without a reserve and they push for professional photos.

To allow for more control over the price David ended up listing it on Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List. The problem is that while David received plenty of messages claiming interest, each person wasn’t serious and a few were just looking for joy rides.

In an attempt to make a FREE classified automotive site for enthusiasts, this site was launched.

Tips for avoiding scams when buying private party.

  1. Ask for the VIN number
    • Having the VIN number will let you verify that the car has a clean history. You can also ask of a photo of the VIN on the vehicle to verify that it is the same vehicle as the listing.
  2. Arrange to test drive the car
    • Before you purchase a vehicle getting in the driver’s seat is the best way to make sure it is real. Make sure to meet in a public place for safety and bringing a friend or two is a good idea.
  3. Negotiate on a price if the pre-purchase inspection comes back good.
    • A good seller will be happy to allow for a pre-purchase inspection. If they so no to this then keep looking.
  4. Plan a pre-purchase Inspection
    • This will cost you a bit, but will help you know what you are getting. Make sure that it is a shop that you choose and trust as someone trying to offload a bad car may have a connection that they recommend using.
  5. Arrange Payment
    • Cash is the best way to pay, but never take cash with you. When paying for larger amounts meeting at the bank is one option. If a private party loan is used the lender will usually help facilitate payment to the seller. You can also use using Carmel as a safe way to pay digitally.
  6. Transfer Title
    • Always make sure that the seller is in possession of the title to allow for the transfer of title. Title is usually transferred during the exchange of payment. In the case of an electronic title you may need to meet the seller at the DMV in order to transfer title.

Tips for avoiding scams when selling private party.

  1. If the potential buyer says they’ll take it right away that is a red flag.
  2. Deals where the buyer is out of the country and wants to send money electronically are usually scams.
  3. Use caution when accepting payment electronically. Cash is usually the safest option or using Carmel and you can contact them to make sure everything looks legit on their side to further avoid scams.
  4. If the potential buyer is not able to do a deal in person proceed with extreme caution.