The Dark Side of Ferrari: Unveiling Controversial Histories and Scandals

When one thinks of Ferrari, images of sleek, powerful supercars and a legacy of motorsport excellence often come to mind. The brand’s rich history has solidified its reputation as a symbol of luxury and performance. However, like any long-standing institution, Ferrari has had its share of controversies and scandals that have marred its illustrious image. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the darker aspects of Ferrari’s history, revealing instances where the Prancing Horse stumbled.

1. The Enzo Ferrari-Alfa Romeo Feud

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari, had a tumultuous relationship with Alfa Romeo, a company he worked for before starting his own venture. The feud between Ferrari and Alfa Romeo was rooted in a bitter contract dispute and allegations of intellectual property theft. Ferrari’s departure from Alfa Romeo in 1939 marked the beginning of the Prancing Horse’s journey, but it also set the stage for long-standing rivalry and courtroom battles.

2. The Sordid Tale of the Ferrari 250 GTO

The Ferrari 250 GTO is celebrated as one of the most iconic and valuable cars in the world. However, its origins are somewhat scandalous. Ferrari essentially created this model to evade homologation rules in motorsports, using it as a loophole to get around regulations. While the 250 GTO’s legacy is firmly established, its beginnings were somewhat questionable.

3. “Cuba 1958”: The Mysterious Disappearance

In 1958, Juan Manuel Fangio, a legendary Formula 1 driver and a Ferrari icon, went missing in Cuba under suspicious circumstances. Rumors abound about his possible involvement with the Cuban revolution, and some suggest that the Italian government might have played a role in his disappearance. Although Fangio was eventually released unharmed, the incident remains shrouded in mystery.

4. Ferrari’s Dubious Sales Practices

Ferrari’s exclusivity and demand for their cars often lead to questionable sales practices. Stories of dealers favoring high-profile clients, allowing them to jump long waiting lists, have circulated for years. This practice often leaves genuine enthusiasts disappointed and frustrated.

5. The Dark Days of the 1980s: Internal Struggles and Turmoil

In the 1980s, Ferrari was not immune to internal strife and power struggles. The era was marked by financial troubles, disagreements within the company’s leadership, and the departure of key figures. The crisis nearly led to Ferrari’s sale to external investors, a move that would have undoubtedly altered the course of the brand’s history.

6. Ferrari’s Involvement in FIA Controversies

Ferrari’s involvement in various Formula 1 controversies has sparked outrage among motorsport enthusiasts. Notable instances include the infamous “team orders” debacle at the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix, where Ferrari was accused of manipulating the outcome of the race by having one driver cede victory to another. These controversies have raised questions about the integrity of the sport.

7. The Ferrari F355 Fires

In the mid-’90s, Ferrari faced a serious safety crisis when multiple incidents of fires in their F355 model came to light. The issue was traced back to a defective clutch design, but Ferrari’s initial reluctance to address the problem and recall affected vehicles drew criticism.

8. Luca di Montezemolo’s Tenure as Chairman

While Luca di Montezemolo is often lauded for his leadership at Ferrari, his tenure as Chairman also had its share of controversies. Under his leadership, Ferrari expanded its brand into various non-automotive sectors, raising questions about whether they were diluting the brand’s image in pursuit of profits.

9. Legal Battles over Ownership and Trademarks

Ferrari has been involved in numerous legal battles over the years, often related to ownership and trademarks. Disputes with former employees, racing drivers, and even fashion designers have been widely publicized, painting the brand in a less glamorous light.

10. Ferrari’s Tax Practices

The controversy over Ferrari’s tax practices has raised eyebrows. Accusations of exploiting tax loopholes and enjoying favorable tax rates in Italy while exporting luxury cars worldwide have led to debates about corporate responsibility and ethics.


While Ferrari is celebrated for its remarkable achievements in the world of luxury automobiles and motorsport, it’s essential to acknowledge the controversies and scandals that have shaped its history. These darker episodes, while often overshadowed by the brand’s successes, offer a more nuanced perspective of the Prancing Horse. Ferrari’s ability to navigate and emerge from these controversies has contributed to its resilience and enduring appeal, making it a brand that continues to captivate the world.

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